Mathru Foundation


26-119 / 7 BN 463, Balramnagar Safilguda,Hyderabad 500047

Events & Campaigns

MathruFoundation, We want to help the children enjoy playing various games. Many games can help blind children play and learn. Some of these games include the fun “Blindfold”, where players try to find each other’s faces, “Touch the Colors”, which helps them identify colours, and “Whisper to Me,” where players have to guess what the player is trying to say. The more time a child spends playing these games, the more they will improve their skills in playing with others and building social skills. One way to help blind children play and learn is by using their sense of touch. This includes using a Braille typewriter using a knuckle duster to count coins or cards. They are various sports items that help the visually impaired participate in many games such as chess, cricket, and many more. Please help us raise donations to buy various sports equipment for the children.

Causes & Campaigns

Helping the visually impaired lead self-reliant and independent lives